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Created 9-Oct-06
Modified 11-Nov-21
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Small collection of knives, pistols, revolvers, rifles and a shotgun

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Keywords:sword, knife, police, .45, carbine, chris reeve, colt, green beret, ka-bar, luger, m-1, m-14, m-1a, m-4, nambu, p-38, samurai, shotgun, steel, swat, walther, cold steel, fighting knife, seal 2000

Samurai SwordShort SwordValorS.O.G. SEAL PupCRKT HissatsuUSMC Ka-barGerber & BokerStrider DBS.O.G. SEAL 2000Chris Reeve "Green Beret"BuckChris Reeve "Green Beret"FoldersNambuColt M-1917 .45 caliber revolver"Broomhandle" Mauser pistolWalther P-38Walther P-38Colt .380 issued to General officerFN pistol